Stone Age - 1st Player Marker

The Riverside Woodshop


Are you missing the wow factor in your gaming? Our custom printed "First Player Marker is sure to add some life to the Stone Age...

This resin miniature is printed in 4K quality and can be purchased painted or unpainted. It features a rough and build pre-historic leader. If we paint him we try extra hard to give him a very dirty and old look to fit with the period :) As he sits atop a large rock shaped base he command attention from anyone around!! This piece measures approximately 2.75" tall x 3" wide x 1.75" deep.

** Please keep in mind - we hand paint every one of these models and it can take us a fair amount of time and effort for such a small piece. No two will ever have the exact same colors or finish, just the nature of hand made. We do try to keep them as close as possible in colors and look to the sample image that we paint for listing but they will vary. **

If you are a Stone Age Fan you will love our pieces, be sure to follow us as we are always adding new upgrades for the games you know and love!!

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