Steampunk Wall Clock



This clock is something you don't see everyday - The beautiful combination of Steampunk Styling in a Wood Based Product.  Most steampunk involves rusted or polished metals and salvaged industrial items to complete its look, but we decided to give a totally different feel to our vision of steampunk - solid Cherry!  Intricately carved gears and fittings are sure to excite the steampunk in all of us. This piece is perfect for the office or almost any room in your home!

This clock measures in at 23.5" in diameter with gold hands and a high quality quartz Movement ( hand styling may changed slightly based on availability).

Here at The Riverside Woodshop we custom make every piece just for you! No two pieces are ever exactly the same. Wood grains, wood types used, finishing styles and time make every piece unique!  I usually need about 12-16 business days to make and finish this specific clocks, so order early if it is a gift ensure your surprise arrives with plenty of time to spare.