Rogue's Den ~ Dice Tower

The Riverside Woodshop


Are you a Rogue? Do you want a dice tower to represent your humble den where you store your most precious items? Be sure to check all of our designs as we are sure we will have one to fit any theme or genre....

Our Rogue's Den is based on the popular player class. A rogue is a versatile character, capable of sneaky combat and nimble tricks. The rogue is stealthy and dexterous, and in early editions was the only official base class from the Player's Handbook capable of finding and disarming traps and picking locks. The rogue also has the ability to "sneak attack" ("backstab" in previous editions) enemies who are caught off-guard or taken by surprise, inflicting extra damage. This tower can be ordered as a full size tower suitable for standard 20mm dice and comes with the bottom tray or it can be ordered in a Mini-Tower version (60% size) to use with 10mm dice. When ordering the mini we do include a basic set of mini dice and this makes the perfect set to travel! This Tower is printed in our premium Mystic Brown PLA so you can enjoy a stunning piece of art from the first day! ** We also offer a painted version of both the mini and full size (Full Size Painted is pictured in this listing) **

While we know there are many other sellers / printers of Fates End towers be sure to check to see you are buying an officially licensed tower! Unlike many, we also choose to print every design before we will list it for sale. This is to ensure not only the print quality of the design and the functionality of the tower, but so that we can post actual pictures of what our print and / or paint style for a specific piece is like!! We only use premium PLA's and print in a high quality setting with a .2mm Layer Height. There is nothing worse than looking at a stock computer renderings of the model you have your heart set on just to find out after ordering that the print quality of the seller is not even close to the rendered artwork :(

Please Note: This tower is designed and licensed through "Fates End" and we at The Riverside Woodshop print and finish all models in house to meet the needs of our customers! Licensed under our Fates End Merchant Agreement.
License #DL052. We print these to order so our normal production time for unpainted towers is 10-12 days depending on our work list and painted towers can add another 7-8 days to complete.