Riverside Rings

The Riverside Woodshop


Our newest game addition is an instant hit!! This product need no words :) It is a simple yet very challenging game for two (especially after a few losses and shots taken).

You may know this game by many different names such as Bimini, Hook and Ring, Ring on a String, etc. Simply swing the ring on a string in an attempt to land on the hook. There are a variety of ways to play but our favorite is a race to land 3 more rings than your opponent. Everytime you land a ring you move the "Treasure Chest" one space towards you.  The object is to move it all the way till you have possession of the Treasure.

Our Game is made from solid Cherry here in our small Ohio woodshop and measures 20 inches across x 22 inches tall x 6 inches front to back.

This game comes in 3 main sections - a top bar, vertical piece and the base. You will recieve 8 screws with the pieces to assemble (takes 2 minutes all holes are pre drilled for ease of assembly).

If you have any question please message.