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Looking for a Catan Game Package!! Order both Settlers of Catan and Seafarers in one easy package and save money :) Do you have a Catan currently? Do you regularly play with 6 players? Do you love adding Seafarers Scenarios? Simply select our 2-4 player or our 2-6 player option and add any personalization info that might be desired...

You will receive our Settlers of Catan Interlocking Set allowing you to play the base game. You will also receive our Seafarers Expansion for Catan. In addition we will include one of our 6 player Custom Scorecards. (for more detailed information about any one of these sets, simply check our store and you can get details of pieces included in each set)

We laser cut our custom designed tiles at the time of order so that we can ensure the best quality possible. Each piece is cut from premium 1/4" Baltic Birch or 1/4" Cast Acrylic and then hand stained and shellac finished right in our small Ohio woodshop. We pay attention to the small details, so your game night will be perfect. From the felt applied to the bottom of every tile to the interlocking design to prevent the board from shifting, we hope you will be as excited to play as we are to make you game!

Note: You must have purchased the original base game and corresponding seafarers expansion from the manufacturer in order to have the resource / development cards, dice & other pieces necessary to play - this is considered a board / tile expansion replacement.

If you would like the have the center tiles (desert / compass rose) personalized we would be happy to do that for you at no additional charge. Simply put the information you would like on it in the personalization box of this listing. If you would like a logo or small black and white graphic - message us and we would be happy to see if we can make it work. If we DO NOT receive a message or personalization request we will assume you are happy with our stock Compass Rose design and that will be included in your set. Also include any pertinent personalization you would like for the organizers or scorecards included in this package. If you need help simply message us anytime and we can help get all the information needed to make this your very own masterpiece.

Our goal is make your Catan nights the best game nights anywhere!! We understand Catan can be very confusing with many different set options and expansions... If you have any questions or unsure what set you may need / want please ask and we would be happy to help you make the perfect game!

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**** Catan® is the registered trademark of Catan GmbH. The Riverside Woodshop, LLC is not associated with or sponsored by Catan GmbH. In order to play Catan® with this board you must have the official Catan® board game.