Oversized Cribbage Board w/ Custom Lid

The Riverside Woodshop


Looking for a large really personal cribbage board to be the center piece of any table...  We have just the option for you!

These pictures are from a couple of recently finished boards for custom orders.  Every board is different due to the lid design and theme desired...  What will yours look like?

The bases will be cut from 1" to 1.25" solid Cherry Lumber that we stock right here in our shop.  I try to pull pieces with some unique character or "personality" just for these keepsake family heirloom boards.  They are usually done with 3 playing tracks to allow for different game player options.   The base for this board is approximately 21" long x 9" wide and the lid measure approximately 17.5" long x 5" wide. 

This board layout makes for great long narrow types of carving scenes.  In many case we recommend nature scenes or lids that focus on an interest and text combination in order to provide balance for the carve.  If you are interested in ordering one of these special keepsake style boards please reach out to us with your thoughts for a lid design and we would be happy to see what we can come with for you!!

Typically this board takes about 12-14 business days to make once we have reached an approved design.  The design phase can anywhere from 3-6 days depending on revisions or subject matter of the lid...