Michigan Rummy Game Board

The Riverside Woodshop


Michigan Rummy can be a fun and exciting game for players of all ages... When you order one of our custom/personalized Michigan Rummy boards your friends and family will be able to play in style every time they are over!!

We custom mill this game board from 1" thick solid American Cherry. Once milled we hand stain and paint the recessed text and / or graphics and then apply several coats of Polyurethane to ensure you have a piece to enjoy for years to come. We then attach our premium 12" ball bearing based Lazy Suzan ring for smooth and easy gaming! The overall diameter of our board is approximately 16".  Please note due to customer feedback we now engrave the suits on the rim rather than inside each dish.

There is no extra charge to customize the center ring area with "Your Families Name" (note it would replace "The XYZ Family" text in the picture). We also can add a monogram or small simple logo to the center dish area for no charge if you would like... In the pictures it is a school mascot and sports team shown, but it can be almost any simple image you desire. You can also leave it empty for a clean and sleek look! If you have questions about the image for the center please send us a copy of what you would like and we can take a look at it to make sure we can do it before you order. As this is completely made to order our current production time is about 3-4 weeks until it is shipped once order is placed. If this is a gift please take the time frame into account when ordering.

Would you like to know more about how to play Michigan Rummy?  Click Here...

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