Madame Astra

The Riverside Woodshop


Madame Astra’s enchanted pavilion

“So you want to have your fortune read, huh?” - two girls were talking right outside of the dark star-spangled tent.

“I thought I wanted but now I don’t think I will” - the brunette answered cautiously - “Did you hear what happened to Sarah? Last year she came to Madame Astra to ask about her future marriage. She was marrying the love of her life and was expecting a baby. The fortune-teller told her she should not marry this man and that it would be better for her to raise the child alone. Sarah was outraged by such insolence and commanded the fortune-teller to come up with a different prophecy because she believed the first one was incorrect. “Don’t teach the fish how to swim - Madame Astra replied - you’d better learn yourself”. So what do you know, after the wedding, the newlyweds bought tickets on the boat to go to Sarah’s hometown on a honeymoon. The boat went missing and was later found sunken with all the passengers drowned. Poor Sarah! So I was thinking... did Madame Astra read Sarah’s fortune and tried to warn her or was she offended by her words and cursed her, actually causing the accident?”.

“This is so horrible and scary! Why did we come here in the first place then? Let’s get as far away from the tent as possible!” - the red-haired girl was in shock after hearing Sarah's story.

“My Dad is sick. We tried every medicine, used priest’s services, prayed every day but nothing is helping. I thought this is my last chance to find out if he can be cured”.

A sudden gust of wind made shivers running up and down their spines. A low voice struck upon their ears: “So you two girls have come to ask for my advice. Let Madame Astra help you. Madame Astra sees everything and knows what awaits. Come into my tent and let’s chat.”

“N-n-n-no, thank you, we were already leaving” - the red-haired girl was slowly moving away from the suddenly emerged old lady - “Let’s go, Sheryl, quickly!”.

“I can’t” - Sheryl lowered her head - “I have to find out about my Dad”.

“I don’t see very well, help me come back to the tent, my dear” - the old lady smiled - “And be polite, say goodbye to your friend”.

📜 Ready to put our models into action? Our Highly Detailed Miniatures are scaled between 28mm and 32mm standard scales and are perfect for Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Frostgrave, and more. Do you have a favorite that you want to display or use as the Ultimate Boss --- our Large 75mm prints might be just the solution!

🏗️ Some of our miniatures come assembled as one complete piece while others will have base and/or scenery printed and shipped as separate parts. This varies from model to model based on its design, detail, and printing logistics. We have found many pieces when printed separate from its base have a much lower chance of damage during the shipping process. In addition, we have found lots of gamers have an easier time achieving the perfect paint job when they can paint smaller individual sections then combine them to complete the look for their miniatures! Our unassembled models and can be easily assembled using Loctite Super Glue in just a few minutes.

🎨 We use a special blend of EPAX Hard and Tough Resins mixed with Siraya Tech’s Tenacious Resin to get a good blend of durability, detail, and longevity in our miniatures. Typically, our miniatures come in a grey to black color depending on the EPAX base resin color. When you receive your new piece, it will be fully printed, cleaned, and cured – If you are choosing to paint you will want to check for any missed supports, primer and then paint each piece (assemble in necessary). **ALL MODELS ARE UNPAINTED. PICTURE IS A RENDER OF PRODUCT. IF WE HAVE AN ACTUAL PICTURE FROM A PREVIOUS ORDER, WE TRY TO ALSO INCLUDE IT IN THE LISTING WHEN TIME ALLOWS**

📏Size: All models are designed at 28mm or 32mm scale. This does not mean that the model is 28mm or 32mm tall. Generally, we offer all models at this scale – you will notice on some we also offer a 75mm version for display or ??? The larger the model the more detail!! Please Note: depending on the model we do occasionally “hollow and drain” our 75mm miniatures to keep the cost reasonable – this has little effect on the overall model other than allowing less resin to be used and a lighter finished product. Unlike most sellers, we try to include a computer mock-up in our images for many of our models showing the print plate, your model and a 28mm scaled ruler to help give you an accurate idea of the actual size your finished miniature will be!!

General Scale Descriptions:

28mm Standard - This is the standard size of all our minis. At this scale the models should match closely Warhammer and DnD sizes. Humans are about 1.5" tall at this size.
32mm Heroic - This is slightly larger than 28mm and is preferred by people wanting to see details a little more. Humans are about 1.75" tall at this size.
75mm Huge - This is a very large scale and should be for painting and displaying. Scaling a Human to this size would make them the size of a dragon in a 28mm game.

📦 All models are physical objects that are printed to order and shipped to you. The product will be shipped as a 3D printed model in gray or black.

♻️ Our Promise to You:
We do not skimp on our materials like so many other makers!! If your model arrives broken, we will replace it (must be notified within 2 days of delivery). Our models are printed using the newest 4k resolution printers. This means you will get a highly precise miniature with incredible detail clarity.

We are a small 2-person woodshop that specializes in everything gaming in rural Ohio. We began as a woodshop doing game boards, replacement pieces, game room décor and more in 2017 and have now grown into the 3D printing world during 2020!
We promise to offer you the best quality items we can make, and we stand behind our work without fail!

©️ The Riverside Woodshop, llc. is officially licensed to sell physical prints of Great Grimoire models, obtained through the Great Grimoire’s Patreon, Shop or Other Sources. Original digital .stl files of this model can be purchased either by joining her Patreon
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