Gamers Stash Box - RPG Gamers

The Riverside Woodshop


If you're looking for a cool and handy way to store your gaming accessories... This is perfect! It also makes for the perfect gift for any gamer important to you!

The box is made from .25" Premium Baltic Birch and measures approximately: 8.5" Wide x 6.825" Deep (not counting handle) x 3.75" Tall. It is finished with a two tone paint job designed to look old and slightly worn and then sprayed with a coat of Shellac to seal the wood and paint for years to come. The inside features a felt liner on the lid (as we have many customers leave the box open and roll in the lid in place of a dice bowl) and a custom printed insert to organize your gaming accessories. The Insert has 8 spots for your dice (fits standard D20 comfortably), 2 Deck slots (1.25"x3.6" to fit most normal TCG cards), a slot for pen / pencil and a larger opening for anything else (miniatures, sticky notes, trackers, counters, coins....).

These boxes are available in two color combinations - Worn Black with Silver or Worn Brown with Tan - please select color when ordering. It is also possible to replace the dragon in the center circle of the lid with an engraving of your choice, but please contact us first so we can help find the perfect graphic for your needs. Some common choices people like are: Persons Initials, Character Class Icons, Company / School / Team Logos... Basically as long as I can find 2D - 2 color artwork we can usually make it happen :) If you do not reach out all boxes from this line come with our stock dragon art.