Game Grids - Five Tribes

The Riverside Woodshop


Our Game Grids are perfect for any Five Tribes fan out there!!

Each grids holds 4 game tiles nicely together and interlocks with the next grid panel so you game arrangement will stay exactly in place while you play. No more worrying about reaching over pieces, bumping the table during play or even you favorite cat as it decided to get close to your tiles... In addition to allowing the pieces to stay perfectly together it is also easy to slide the entire map around your table at any point ~ comes in extremely handy for those of us with large tables and short arms :)

Please note: Game and Game pieces are not included -- this listing for for our grid system to keep your game organized only!! Pieces in pictures are to show how they are used with your game!

The grids dimensions are: 7.25" wide x 7.25" long with each tile space is designed to hold a 3.2" square tile piece. This set comes complete with 9: 4 tile grids and 3: 2 tile grids. This combination will allow you to play the standard Five Tribes: The Djinns of Naqala as well as adding tiles for both The Whims of the Sultan and The Artisans of Naqala. Gids also come with a basic matching tray to keep them organized when not in use.

We print each panel from premium Brown PLA to not only be durable but compliment your game perfectly by default. If you need another color - please ask, while our standard is brown for this product, we do have many other filaments in stock we can use to print these. We bundle 12 grids per set with a matching tray for easy storage when not in use.