Game Grids - Carcassonne

The Riverside Woodshop


Our Game Grids are perfect for any Carcassonne fan out there!!

Each grids holds 9 game tiles nicely together while building your Carcassonne map and interlocks in any direction with the next grid panel so no matter how you play you will never run out of room to place the next tile. In addition to allowing the pieces to stay perfectly together it is also easy to slide the entire map around your table at any point ~ comes in extremely handy when the game starts going one direction :)

The grids dimensions are: 5.625" wide x 5.625" long with each tile space designed to hold a 1.75" square tile pieces. While we use these grids specifically for Carcassonne in our household, we do know they can be used with any other grid based game that has 1.75" tiles. For example, we just had a customer who requested a set in black to use with Karak!

We print each panel from premium Lime Green PLA to not only be durable but compliment your game perfectly by default. If you need another color - please ask, while our standard is green, we do have many other filaments in stock we can use to print these. We bundle 20 grids per set with a matching tray for easy storage when not in use. While 20 Game Grids will handle most games if you regularly play "Carcassonne Big Box" with multiple expansions be sure to grab an extra set just incase your game heads in unexpected directions...