Frustration Rummy Scoreboard

The Riverside Woodshop


Looking for a fun game for family and friends?

Frustration Rummy is a game played with up to 5 people and can be a lot of fun! Our specially design scoreboard makes it easier than ever to keep track of what level everyone is at! No more guessing or asking each other what they are trying for :)

This Score Card is made by laser engraving 3 pieces of 1/4" Baltic Birch and combining them into one layered card and includes 5 premium wooden pegs for keeping score.

The back also has the basic rules of the game engraved for quick reference. Although rules may vary slightly from house to house it give a good outline to start playing immediately.

This set also makes the perfect travel and camping companion as it is compact and portable for any situation. Keep one in your boat or RV for those quite nights with friends :)

Want more detailed playing instructions?  Click Here...


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