Premium Frustration Rummy Set

The Riverside Woodshop


Frustration Rummy is a game played with up to 5 people and can be a lot of fun! Our specially design set puts everything you need at your fingertips! It makes it easier than ever to keep track of what level everyone is on! No more guessing or asking each other what they are trying for :)

This Score Board is made from sold 3/4" Black Walnut and 3/4" Maple. Both woods are cnc milled and laser engraved right here in our small Ohio Shop. We add strong Neodymium Disc Magnets into both the top and bottom to securely hold the set together. Inside there is room to hold 2 decks of cards and the pegs for tracking. Yes we include both cards and pegs so you will be ready to play as soon as your set arrives!!

Not only does this make a great gift, but it is also the perfect travel and camping companion as it is compact and portable for any situation. Keep one in your boat or RV for those quite nights with friends :)

PS: It can also be personalized with short quote or family name if desired... see images for example!

Looking for more detailed instruction on how to play?  Click Here...


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