"Family Cabin" Cribbage Board - Laser Lids

The Riverside Woodshop


This is our "Family Cabin" board.  The lids on these can be completely customized from the image to the name!!

The base is 11.5" in diameter and typically between 1.125" and 1.25" thick. The base is made in an edge grain pattern using premium hardwoods like Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Red Cedar, Red and White Oak. In the center of the base we have carved a recess to house both a deck of cards and the three sets of high grade metal pegs (YES - both cards and pegs are included with each cribbage board base). The playing track contains three paths of 120 spots to accommodate 2, 3 or 4 player games. We have also inset a pair of rare earth magnets to securely hold our premium lid to the base during play or simply for display.

The lid shown in this listing is our "Family Cabin" design.  This design features a laser engraved image of a large cabin in the winter with the trees to form a backdrop.  The top of the image can be reshaped to fit any family name you would like (up to about 20 characters long)...  Your custom game board may vary slightly due to wood grains and subtle differences in finishing. No two ever look identical! The Lids measure 8.25" in diameter and fit perfectly in the recessed portion of our cribbage board base. Magnets then hold it securely in place while playing or just decorating your favorite coffee table.

When Ordering this board please include the text or name you would like engraved on the lid!!

If you would like a different design - please message us.  With the laser engraved style lids we can usually find an image to work with about any theme!

More details on game play and strategy can be found here!

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