Explorers and Pirates Expansion - 2-4 Players - Interlocking Set

The Riverside Woodshop


We have finally completed our last major expansion upgrade for Settlers of Catan - Explorers and Pirates!! If you have already purchased either our base 3-4 player then you are ready to add Explorers and Pirates with this expansion :) By adding these extra tiles and (replacement) border pieces you can expand the board to play E&P at your next party (will also need the manufactures expansion in order to have the stock pieces, chits, scenarios and rules).

We laser cut our custom designed tiles at the time of order so that we can ensure the best quality possible. Each piece is cut from either premium 1/4" Baltic Birch and then hand stained and sealed or 1/4" Translucent Blue Cast Acrylic right in our small Ohio woodshop. For this expansion we have also created a 3D printed interlocking Inserts to couple with 1/8" Baltic Birch reversible hexes.  We pay attention to the small details, so your game night will be perfect. From the felt applied to the bottom of the tiles to the interlocking design to prevent the board from shifting, we hope you will be as excited to play as we are to make you game!

This listing is for all game tiles, borders and reversible holders need to replace the cardboard pieces in the Explorers and Pirates expansion for up to 4 players. Note you must have purchased the original game and corresponding expansion from the manufacturer as well as our base Catan Game in order to have the cards, dice, chits & other pieces necessary to play - this is considered a board / tile expansion replacement option.

Pieces included: 23 - Acrylic Water Hexes, 6 - Acrylic Large Waters, 2 - Acrylic Large Waters with Straight Ends - 2 - Medium Acrylic Waters, 2 - Small Acrylic Waters, 2 - Special Acrylic Water Edges (one with built in water hex and one without), Special Wool/Sheep hex with Built in "6" chit, 1 Council of Catan Hex, 32 (half orange / half green) 3D printed interlocking hex trays, 34 Color specific reversible thin hexes (Spices, Lairs, Resources, Fish and Water).  A complete new ocean border set is provided with this upgrade, if you have already bought our base game with upgraded acrylic water or already own our seafarers expansion please let us know!  Some of the pieces may not be needed as they would simply be duplicates (we can discount this expansion based on reduced number of pieces actually needed based on your current sets).

Our goal is make your Catan nights the best game nights anywhere!! We understand Catan can be very confusing with many different set options and expansions... If you have any questions or unsure what set you may need / want please ask and we would be happy to help you make the perfect game!

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**** Catan® is the registered trademark of Catan GmbH. The Riverside Woodshop, LLC is not associated with or sponsored by Catan GmbH. In order to play Catan® with this board you must have the official Catan® board game.