The Dungeon Master Screen

The Riverside Woodshop


If you liked our Mini-Screen --- You will love this Large DM Screen!!! It is made up of 3 wall panels and 4 towers, It has really cool styling, It is durable, It has two built in dice towers, It can be fully painted if you choose... So what is the negative? Only negative I have is the 107 hours it takes to print all the pieces :)

Our Large Castle Screens come is 7 pieces: Right dice tower, Right Wall, Right Center Tower, Center Wall, Left Center Tower, Left Wall and Left Dice Tower. These pieces simply slide together to give you an extremely sturdy barrier to protect your rolls and notes from the Horde! In addition to each end cap tower having a built in "Dice Tower" the center wall also has shelves you can place your extra dice, pencil, 28mm miniatures or ??? The current configuration has both towers rolling area facing the DM, however we can also reverse them to face the players or even one facing each way... Your call as only you know what would work best for gaming style.

We print every screen and all its parts right here in our little shop so that we can ensure only the best quality product to our customers. These are printed using a top of the line PRUSA MK3S+ 3D printers and only the best Jet Black PLA. (if you would like a different color PLA when printing this set please message us and we would be happy to try to accommodate your request). The Full Screen when all set up measures: 26" wide and 10" deep. The end towers stand 10.75" tall and the center and side walls measures 6" tall.

This GM Screen is the perfect addition to your tabletop RPG, adding a secrecy to your dice rolls while also adding immersion to your role playing in your game regardless of what game you choose. Simply put: you are sure to make a statement at your next gathering with our Castle / Citadel Screen!!

Want to add a set of Initiative Trackers (22 different symbols) designed for Fates End Screens? Not a problem, just select the option (with I.T.) that adds these to your screen order :)

Want to add 3" of total height to your screen? Checkout our rock wall base that is now available for this the Citadel DM Screen.  Our base come in 5 pieces and simply sits under you stock screen.  We do recommend if you have the space that these pieces are glued together to prevent separating during "aggressive" play sessions.  The Base can be purchased from the item dropdown by itself if you already own one of our screens or as a set with your screen purchase.

While we know there are many other sellers / printers of Fates End designs be sure to check to see you are buying an officially licensed product! Unlike many, we also choose to print every design before we will list it for sale. This is to ensure not only the print quality of the design and the functionality of the tower, but so that we can post actual pictures of what our print quality is like!! We only use premium PLA's and print in a high quality setting with a .2mm Layer Height. There is nothing worse than looking at computer renderings just to find out after ordering that the print quality of the seller is not even close to the rendered artwork :(

Please Note: This tower is designed and licensed through "Fates End" and we at The Riverside Woodshop print and finish all models in house to meet the needs of our customers! Licensed under our Fates End Merchant Agreement.
License #DL052. We print these to order so our normal production time is 8-10 days depending on our work list (can be longer during Holiday Seasons). If you are interested in having your Tower custom painted as well please reach out to us with your ideas and we can discuss pricing and timeframe...