Cosmic Encounter - Ship Storage Case

The Riverside Woodshop


As a fellow gamer -- My biggest issue is always convenient storage / organization solutions!! Make your game setup and tear downs simple with our newest solution just for Cosmic Encounter gamers...

These clean and simple cases are colored to match each players color in the original game set but also the expansions (8 in total). Each case can hold the 20 Plastic Ships, 5 Player Planets and 1 Player Colony Marker for each color. We can print these in all eight of the standard colors needed. Each case measures: 4"x4"x2".

Be sure to follow our shop as we will be rolling out all of our individual storage boxes for Cosmic Encounter and complete storage set in the next month :)

Note: Any pieces shown in pictures are not included - solely there to show how the organizer can look with your game!