Catan - Victory Point Cards



The Riverside Woodshop is proud to introduce our line of accessories for "the Settlers of Catan" players everywhere!!

This listing is for something every game should have -- Custom Awards Tiles! Each tile is nicely designed and and has all needed information needed to achieve the award! We currently have the Awards for Catan Base and Seafarers available: Longest Road, Largest Army and Longest Trade Route.

This hex card is easy to use and see by all. Each card is cut from 1/4" thick premium baltic birch ply. We paint the boarder around the engraving to add some real pop to these. The entire piece is then sprayed with 2 coats of shellac to seal and protect them for years of game play. Feel free to order individuals or in a set of all three awards for use on your next game night

*** Please understand these are replacement cards for information on building to be used only if you have already purchased the Settlers of Catan game from the manufacturer. ***