The Third Round... Home Based Game Add-on

The Riverside Woodshop


Looking to add an easy but fun twist to your regular Catan Night?  Check out this game add-on:  The Third Round!  This was actually a customers home rules he sent us asking for a cool board and tracker to use in his regular game and we loved it so much we decided to ask him for permission to make it available for all of our customers :)

It is a very simple add-on.  Every third time around all players, a single die is rolled by the person with the lowest points total.  In the case of a tie all equal players can decide who wants to perform the roll.  Based on the number that is rolled every player must follow the action listed on the Third Round Card. (see pictures for possible actions).  To track rounds the first person to roll in the game will simply move the Round Marker at the bottom of the board every time they take a turn.  After the third round the Marker returns to 1 and count starts over...  

While simple it certainly adds a little variety to the standard game!