Small Game Box - Designed for Catan.

The Riverside Woodshop


While this box was design with our sets in mind it also fits the factory stock game including plastic tray perfectly (see pictures).

The outer dimensions of this box are roughly 12.5"x12.5"x5.5". The sides are cut from .5 solid Maple (pictures show this box made using "Ambrosia" Maple - streaked look - not all boxes will have this effect, just depends on our supply of Maple at the time) and the inset on the lid and bottom are .25 Baltic Birch. This box design has a single hasp style latch on the front as well as leather handles on each side to make it easy to carry. The inside of the lid can be engraved with any message or quote you would like for no extra charge when ordering (perfect for a special family gift or even for your favorite Gamer's Wedding) as there is 12"x12" to include a large message or graphic - (Picture is sample of lid engraved from our large box)...  It also includes the Inner Trays to hold our custom game set. If ordering the 4 Player Set & Scorecard, it will come filled with our customizable 4 Player Catan Set.

These complete sets make the perfect wedding or even graduation gift for the most important people in your life...

Please take a look at the pictures and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!! Every box is handcrafted and will vary from customer to customer. As is the nature with wood products no two pieces are ever the same in grain, coloration or finish. In recent years materials have been harder than ever to source, so please understand that while the overall product will be the same some minor changes like species of wood or style of clasp may vary slightly.  While we try our best to match our samples shown, we also find much of the beauty in this type of product is how unique each one becomes as it is made -- both you and your neighbor could both order a set and you will never feel like it just rolled out of a factory as both are sure to have subtle differences!! Because we are a small two person shop and hand make every item we sell, please allow at least 4-6 weeks to make this box and the appropriate shipping time for this item once ordered (especially around holiday times).