Catan - Player Organizer



The Riverside Woodshop is proud to introduce our line of accessories for "the Settlers of Catan" players everywhere!!

This listing is for our very popular "Player Organizer". Each organizer is designed to fit all the starting pieces for each player in the "base version" of Catan. These are custom designed and the laser cut to hold 15 Streets, 5 Settlements, 4 Cities and the corresponding "building costs" card. Unlike most organizers, our version now includes the add-on outer ring to hold the 15 boats for the Seafarers Expansion as well as 6 Knight and 3 City Walls for the Cities and Knights Expansion. We also include our 1/4" wood Building card to fit perfectly with every organizer (please note paper cards do not stay well in this holder)!!

These hexagon organizers inspired by the game tiles are made from 1 layer of premium 1/4" Baltic Birch and 1 layer of premium 1/8" Baltic Birch. Each Organizer measures 6.5" wide x 5.75" tall x a little over .5" thick. We also attach a thick layer of heavy duty felt to the bottom to protect your game tables surface. We paint the bottom layer of Birch to add some real pop to these. The entire piece is then sprayed with 2 coats of shellac to seal and protect them for years of game play.

Each board can be personalized with your specific text!! We have done our personal set for the listing using our family names, however you may use any text (Names, Catan, Quote or ???) you would like -- up to 20 Characters per organizer. If ordering a set of 4 or 6 and you would like different text for each player organizer we will need to know exactly what you want on each one :) Please be sure to note your text when ordering!!

*** Please understand the pieces for the game (streets, settlements, cards, boats and cities) are not included - these are holders only to be used only if you have already purchased the "Base" Settlers of Catan game from the manufacturer. ***