Magnetic Chits - Up Your Game!

The Riverside Woodshop


These make the perfect upgrade to our Settlers of Catan Replacement Boards!! If you play multiple games or like to change around the configuration of the numbered chits placement during Catan Night... These are a must have! No more dismantling the game board just to move a number!!

These chits are designed to be used with any of our replacement boards. We custom 3D print them right in house and then hand paint them to give the chits the pop your game is calling for. Each Chit has a small magnet inside to make it easy to remove them from your hex tiles and swap them out at anytime. This means when the game has finished, but you want to play another round you can quickly change up the game simply by moving the location of all the chits and not have to take your set apart anymore :) Our Chits measure .67" in diameter and sit .35" tall giving them the perfect fit for any of our sets.

You can order these in:

  • 4 player sets - 18 Chits
  • 6 player sets - 28 Chits
  • Expanded sets (6 player + Seafarer) sets - 38 Chits.

This will upgrade is sure to make your next game night the talk of all your friends....

Would you like to see these in action...

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