Large Game Box - Designed for Catan

The Riverside Woodshop


Our large custom box is designed specifically for Catan Players!! This box can be ordered as a "The Box Only", "Large Game Package" including our 6 Player Customized Catan Board, or you can order the "The Ultimate Catan Box Bundle" which comes with our 6 Player Customizable Catan Board and our 6 Player Seafarers Expansion. When ordering either game bundle package you will also receive our Custom Scorecard.

While this box was designed with The Riverside Woodshop's Custom Sets in mind it has ample room to hold almost any stock game set with extra room for your expansions and add-ons. The outer dimensions of this box are 19.5"x13.5"x6.5". The sides are cut from .5 solid Cherry and the inset on the lid and bottom are .25 Baltic Birch. Our box includes two hasp style latches on the front as well as leather handles on each side to make it easy to carry. The inside of the lid can be engraved with any message or quote you would like for no extra charge when ordering... Inside you will find a series of trays to separate and organize your game pieces.  Because no two players ever seem to have the same combination or expansions and / or accessories, we designed the trays to accommodate our 6 player Base Game and Seafarers options standard...

Bundle Descriptions:

Box Only:
    You will receive our Large six player Catan box and all interior trays to hold resources and more...

Large Game Package:
    You will receive our large six player Catan box and all interior trays.

     Pieces included for 6 player game: 6 - Lumber/Wood, 6 - Wheat, 6 Sheep/Wool, 5 - Brick, 5 - Ore/Rock, 2 - Desert / Compass Rose, 10 - Ocean Borders (Acrylic Version), 12 Harbors and 28 Numbered Chits.

     Accessories included:  1 - Game Scorecard.

The Ultimate Catan Box Bundle:
     You will receive our large six player Catan box and all interior trays.

     You will also receive our 6 Player Settlers of Catan Set allowing you to play the base game with 2-6 players (pieces listed above). You will receive our 6 player Seafarers Expansion for Catan (see Seafarers product page for description). You will receive our
Cities and Knights Expansion set (see our CnK product page for piece break down).

     Accessories included: 1 - 6 player Custom Scorecards. 

When ordering any of the larger bundle sets - please fill in the appropriate boxes when adding this product to your cart.

These complete sets make the perfect Wedding, Christmas or even Graduation gift for the most important people in your life...

Please take a look at the pictures and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!! Every box is handcrafted and will vary from customer to customer. As is the nature with wood products no two pieces are ever the same in grain, coloration or finish. While we try our best to match our samples shown, we also find much of the beauty in this type of product is how unique each one becomes as it is made -- both you and your neighbor could both order a set and you will never feel like it just rolled out of a factory next to each other!! Please allow at least 4-6 weeks to make this box and the appropriate shipping time for this item once ordered.