Catan - Family Scorecard



This listing is for something every game night needs -- "A Scorecard". Each scorecard is well thought out and allows up six players to easily see exactly how many point they each have in the game. If you are like me, you hate trying to constantly count to see who is close to winning or where I am at in relation to everyone else...

This rectangular card is easy to use and see by all. Each card is made from 1 layer of premium 1/4" Baltic Birch and 1 layer of premium 1/8" Baltic Birch. Each scorecard measures 7.5" wide x 4.5" tall x a little over .5" thick. We also attach a thick layer of heavy duty felt to the bottom to protect your game tables surface. We paint the bottom layer of Birch to add some real pop to these. The entire piece is then sprayed with 2 coats of shellac to seal and protect them for years of game play.

Each board can be personalized with your specific text!! We have done a stock "Catan" style image and our personal game card for the photos in this listing, however you may use any text (Names, Catan, Quote or ???) you would like. Once you have ordered if you would like it customized we will send you a proof to make sure it is exactly how you would like it to look. If you typically play to a different points total, simply let us know and we will adjust the size and number of holes to fit your game preference!! There is no additional cost for text customization or points total changes (21 point max in this case).

*** Please understand the pieces for keeping score (one street for each player) are not included - these are the cards only to be used only if you have already purchased the Settlers of Catan game from the manufacturer. ***