Cities & Knights Expansion

The Riverside Woodshop


Our custom game tiles and replacement pieces for "Settlers of Catan" and its Add-Ons are not only appealing but also functional!! You will be hosting every game in style - going back to the original pieces will never feel the same :)

Our C&K upgrade is designed to replace many of the stock pieces in the CATAN: Cities & Knights Expansion. Note you must have purchased the original game and expansion from the manufacturer in order to have the cards, dice & pieces necessary to play - these are simply replacements for many of this expansions original pieces.

Included in the Cities and Knights: 9 - Defender of Catan / Victory Point Cards, 3 - Metropolis Castles (3D Resin Printed), 1 - Barbarian Map Tile and 1 - Barbarian (3D Resin Printed).

Note: this expansion does not require you to have OUR version of the base game (only the original manufactures game and add-on), but it is specifically designed to work smoothly with any of our Custom Catan sets.

Our goal is make your Catan nights the best game nights anywhere by offering the best upgraded items available anywhere!!

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**** Catan® is the registered trademark of Catan GmbH. The Riverside Woodshop, LLC is not associated with or sponsored by Catan GmbH. In order to play Catan® with this board you must have the official Catan® board game.