Catan - Building Cost Cards



The Riverside Woodshop is proud to introduce our line of accessories for "the Settlers of Catan" players everywhere!!

This listing is for something every game should have -- "Building Cost Cards". Each card is nicely designed and and has all needed information to build you roads, settlements, cities, ships or buy development cards right at you finger tips!

This rectangular card is easy to use and see by all. Each card is cut from 1/4" thick premium baltic birch ply. We paint the boarder around the engraving to add some real pop to these. The entire piece is then sprayed with 2 coats of shellac to seal and protect them for years of game play. These are also designed to fit perfectly in our Player Game Piece Organizers.

*** Please understand these are replacement cards for information on building to be used only if you have already purchased the Settlers of Catan game from the manufacturer. ***