3D Pirate - Seafarers

The Riverside Woodshop


Love Seafarers for Catan, but feel like it just needs that one piece to put it over the top? Our custom printed 3D Pirate will certainly do the trick!!

This resin miniature is printed in 4K quality and can be purchased painted or unpainted. It features the Iconic wood pile and treasure chest that every seafarer knows. A seductive female pirate is just waiting to take your bounty! :) With its hex shaped base it looks perfect on you board no matter who's boat she is after!! This piece stands approximately 1.75" tall and the base is approximately 2"x2".

** While do do play with this miniature regularly in our weekly game, please keep in mind she does wield a sword high in her right hand that can be delicate if the piece is not handled with care during play.

** Also, please keep in mind - we hand paint every one of these models and it can take us a fair amount of time and effort for such a small piece. No two will ever have the exact same colors or finish, just the nature of hand made. We do try to keep them as close as possible in colors and look to the sample piece that we paint for listing but they will vary.

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