Road, Settlements and Cities Organizer for each player.

The Riverside Woodshop


Do you love to play Catan... Make it even more enjoyable with our custom player organizers!

These 3D printed Hex Shaped holders have a cool medieval theme with decaying castle walls to give you a real feeling of involvement in your game! Designed to hold your Cities, Roads and Settlements for one of the most played games worldwide make this the perfect gift for yourself or the gamer in your life.

The overall size of these are: 6.5"x5.75"x2". After printing each organizer we hand paint them to show off their unique style. Although they may vary slightly from piece to piece, we do our best to match the samples we made to take our listing photographs. These can be ordered individually or in sets of 4 -- They do not include the actual Cities, Roads or Settlement game pieces (they work with the factory pieces). We print the organizer using our stock black PLA to provide a great base for painting. Please note PLA is temperature sensitive and not great for high heat situations - please do not leave these in your hot car in the summer as they can warp or deform slightly...

*** The pieces for the game (streets, settlements, cards, boats and cities) are not included - these are holders only to be used only if you have already purchased the "Base" Settlers of Catan game from the manufacturer. ***