Cascadia - Nature Tokens / Pine Cones

The Riverside Woodshop


Looking to upgrade Cascadia™, these 3D Resin Printed nature tokens will bring life to any game night! We print these in the shape of random Pine Cones and vary the sizes to provide a more realistic look to you tabletop games. While these are made with Cascadia in mind they are perfect for any Tabletop Game or RPG where you might want cool resource tokens!!

Our Pine Cone / Nature Token sets come with 25 pieces already painted and ready to put into play.

Please note that these pieces have irregular shapes and vary in size... 

This is an unofficial accessory designed and printed by The Riverside Woodshop and is compatible with Cascadia™ as well as many other Tabletop Games, but has no official ties to any Specific Game or Game Manufacturer. All product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

***Choking hazard. This product is NOT a toy and is very small in nature. It is not suitable for children under 16.