Cascadia Game Box Inserts

The Riverside Woodshop


We are super excited to offer our newest game insert! This is designed for the board game Cascadia, by Randy Flynn. This set is designed to fit perfectly in the factory box and neatly hold all components of the game.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not include a copy of the game itself. It is only for the organizational trays to use with your copy of Cascadia!! All game pieces are shown for picture purposes only.

Our inserts will not only look nice and keep your pieces in order, but they help speed up your setup and teardown times when it is time to play. The trays can be placed directly on you gaming table to allow for easy access to most cards and tiles and then simply stacked back into the box when play is complete. This set includes a total of 5 printed trays to house all cards and pieces.

Shown in the picture of our Nature Token holder is our optional add-on for 3D printed Nature Tokens (see our other Cascadia products). These are super cool and add a unique feel of reality when playing the game. If you would like a set of these they can be purchased separately from our other listings!!

We print all of our inserts using only the best PLA right here in our shop! Our standard color for this game is Light Blue (as seen in pictures). If you would like the inserts in a different color please contact us and we can see what PLA's we have in stock and work with you to create your perfect inserts.

Our Wildlife Scoring Card Tray does have extra room so that it can also be used with sleeved cards if desired...