Arched Top Stone Doors ~ Scatter Terrain

The Riverside Woodshop


A simple but must have accessory for your Tabletop Gaming experience - especially great for Gloomhaven / Jaws of the Lion gaming nights...

These doors help bring the game to life with the option to have them open or closed you get a real sense of being in the action! These can replace the flimsy cardboard doors with your stock game and if you choose to really go overboard they work perfectly with our stone wall sets.

* Our Arched Top Stone style doors and frames are printed as two pieces and can easily be set as open or closed as your adventure requires.

* Our door come unprimed or painted stock, however you can choose to upgrade to custom hand painted doors -- please note depending on time of year this can add considerable time to delivery - so please message if you have questions on timing!

While we try to keep inventory printed and on hand in our premium brown PLA, other colors can be requested just may take a couple extra days for printing and shipping there is no extra charge for different color PLA. Of course custom painting is available as well. Simply message us before ordering and we can check our PLA color selection for your printing preference. Typically most unpainted door orders will actually ship in 3-4 business days, while painted door orders can take 10-14 business days to ship.

These doors DO NOT contain any other terrain - They are just the doors! If you are interested in treasure chests, traps, full wall sets or other scatter terrain be sure to check our store as we are adding items constantly!

Models are provided to us by Rob R. We are a licensed seller of Robagons Printed files. Models are also provided to us by Rbross. Please visit for the source files if you are interested in printing your own copies. The Gloomhaven ~ Frosthaven ~ Jaws of the Lion Slide Out Stone Doors are designed by Robagon3D and Rbross and are printed and painted by The Riverside Woodshop. These are not a ”Cephalofair Games" product. All trademarks and copyrights for individual games are the property of their respective owners.

** Please Note: 3D printed items are handcrafted and prints can vary slightly due to weather, PLA, Humidity etc. Sometimes they will have minor imperfections or blemishes. This is normal and not considered to be defects, we do our best to inspect every print to ensure it is fully functional and has a clean/acceptable print quality before shipping. Our Doors come unpainted and ready for you to prime and paint or just simply use as is. We will be adding some painted and unpainted individual listings in the near future...