Alice in the Chair

The Riverside Woodshop


Alice in the Chair is now available from The Riverside Woodshop!!

This model is created by the Amazing Patreon: Great Grimoire! We at The Riverside Woodshop are a proud Merchant for their art work. We print and/or paint all models in-house. We currently print Alice in the Chair in 32mm and 75mm Scale (75mm is hollowed with 2mm walls to keep it cost effective) and it comes ready for you to paint. You can see in our pictures, we provide screenshots of this model next to a scaled ruler to help you get a feel for the actual model size vs scale. If you need another size just ask and we can try our best to accommodate you :)

We print our miniatures using a high end resin printer with extreme detail! We use only premium hard and tough Epax resins mixed with Siraya for these to make sure they are as durable as possible. Like all miniatures though you will need to use caution if you will be handling them repeatedly! As with all 3D printing it our models are printed with an extreme number of supports to ensure the best printing. We make every effort to remove all support material and clean up the surface area before shipping but it is always best to go over your miniature once again when you receive it before you prime it :)

Just a little backstory from The Great Grimoire: Alice in the Chair

Mommy and daddy always told they loved me but we know they lied. Though I’m not sad because I’m not alone, never was. The voices. They are always here, always in my head, whispering all the time. They never stop. Sometimes they’re singing lullabies when I can’t sleep at night, protecting from all the evil people out there.

One day mommy and daddy told me we need to pack my things and go for a ride. We’re gonna go to a very good place. A place I would like very much. For some reason, they were hiding their eyes all the time. But for the first time in my life they didn’t lie. I really loved that place! And as for mommy and daddy... I’ve never seen them since that day but that’s even better. The doctor was very kind to me. He brought me a gift, a new friend. My very best friend. She speaks to other people instead of me. She knows for sure what’s best for us both. She will always be with me... always will...

I hope you enjoy this piece and please contact us with any question or requests you may have!

** Production of these as they are made to order can take between 1-2 weeks **