9 3/4 Personalized Plaque


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Do you know how to find the 9 3/4 Platform? This Personalized Plaque makes the perfect gift or decor for any room the platform might be located in!! We will gladly add any message you want to the bottom of this design.  Want it to read: "Theater Room"  -  "John's Chamber"  -  "Jill's Space", you name it we will make it happen. See pictures for examples of each...

This sign measures approx. 10.25” wide x 11.5” tall.

About our Plaques and Hanging Signs:

This plaque is created by carving the design into a glue-up of multiple species of hardwoods (cherry, maple, oak, walnut). This stripped (edge grain) style of plaque makes every one very unique and different while also creating a really neat effect.  All our items are custom made to order and hand stained and or painted. No two come out exactly alike. You will receive a true one-of-a-kind piece of art when you order from us.

Processing Time:

Our items are all custom made after your order. Please allow at least 14-20 days processing time for this hanging sign. Times can fluctuate depending on the season and the design. If longer time is needed for your sign, we will contact you.

****  With the holidays fast approaching this item is far and away one of our most sought after products!!  Right now we are running 30 days out to produce and ship this product!!

**** Please Note:  When ordering this sign the bottom text can be any way you want (about 20 character max).  Once the sign is in your cart (and you go to the checkout page) there is a box to provide a "note to seller".  Simply type your requested text in that box when ordering.  ie:  "Jane's Chamber"  ---  "Theater Room" --- "Do Not Enter" etc. ****


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