12 Track Mexican Domino Hub

The Riverside Woodshop


Have a big Domino Game? Our 12 Track Domino Hubs make great keepsakes not only for you but for the gamers in your life!!

We make our hubs similar to most high end cutting boards! We use reclaimed hardwoods from our shop and cut them into strips and then glue them up in an edge grain style to provide for years of service and a wonderful look. We use Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Ash, Oak and Cedar to make our Hub blanks. Once the blank is made we then carve the hub specifically for you. By doing this it not only makes for a very durable and sturdy work of art, but it also ensures that no two are ever exactly the same... Get your very own unique hub now!

Our 12 spot hubs measure approximately 9.75" in diameter and sit about .65" high. The top section above the center domino can be engraved with your Family Name or Custom Text (3 Lines max with about 15 Characters per line). The bottom of each board has a full felt cutout applied to protect your tables surface when playing. We also include the appropriate number of trains for the number of spots on the board (12 in this case). Yes we also 3D print and paint our own little trains right here in the woodshop :)

Due to the high demand and material cutoff we use for these our hubs can take up to 3 weeks to be made and shipped once ordered.  Please be sure to allow plenty of time if this is a gift!