10-9-8 Scoreboard

The Riverside Woodshop


Do you play 10-9-8? You might also know this game as: Oh Hell, Oh Heck, Estimate, Judgment, Bumble, Diminishing Whist, Peanuts. While this game has a million different names over the years the basic game is the same... Now you can easily keep track of rounds, scores and bids all in one handi scoreboard with no need for paper or pen!

This Score Card is made by laser engraving 3 pieces of 1/4" Baltic Birch and combining them into one layered card and includes 21 premium wooden pegs for Bidding, Round & Score Keeping.

The back also has the basic rules of the game for quick reference (see picture or check our website for full rules). It also has four felt pads to protect your table.

This set also makes the perfect travel and camping companion as it is compact and portable for any situation. Keep one in your boat or RV for those quite nights with friends :)

Scorecard measures approximately: 10" x 6" x .75"