Print-on-Demand Catalog

While updating our products pages can be overwhelming and lag well behind a designs availability, we wanted to give you a place to see all our design as soon as they are available to be printed.  You can scroll through our designers computer renderings at anytime to look for the newest and most unique designs.  Once you have found that perfect piece for your next gaming adventure (if it is not linked to a product in our store) simply contact us via the contact form with the name of your desired piece and requested scale.  We will then calculate the complete price to print and ship it to you.  If you are happy with the price and want to order we will get the product listed on our products pages for you to checkout...

It's just that simple!

Fates End: Dice Towers and More...

 We at The Riverside Woodshop have partnered with some of the best designers found anywhere to bring you our fully licensed line of Dice Towers, Dice Jails, DM Screens and so much more....  Designers like Fates End and Mythical Roll are just the start to our amazing collection of licensed RPG Towers and Accessories!


Great Grimoire: Miniatures

 Great Grimoire designs amazing 3D miniatures for your own board game and tabletop fantasy RPG.  With over 2000 followers and 700 patreon supporters she is extremely popular in the real of "human" fantasy characters for any game campaign!


Dungeon Master Stash: Complete Monthly Miniature Sets including 5e Style Campaigns

 Dungeon Master Stash is simply amazing... The models this artist and gamer created are second to none in the detail department.  If you are looking for a single piece to go with your game or a complete set of characters that work together this is your artist! DM Stash does not just create random models. 

His monthly themed sets are story driven and surrounded by in-depth lore.  As an added bonus when you purchase any miniature designed by DM Stash you will also receive a *Download File* with that miniatures DM Campaign, Location Maps and more to make your new character come to life!


STL Miniatures:  Miniatures, NPC and tons of Props / Scenery...

 STL Miniatures creates 3D miniatures, scenes and props for your own board game and tabletop fantasy RPG.  With almost 1000 patreon supporters they create the best total scene sets for any adventure you want to incorporate into your game!


Red Clay Collectibles

Red Clay Collectibles:  Miniatures with 5e Stats Sheets...

 Red Clay is new to the game with just 100 patreons but producing amazing designs and interesting combinations!  They are sure to become a crowd favorite.