Game Instructions

Welcome to The Riverside Woodshops - Game Instructions!  Here we hope to provide you with detailed yet easy to follow instructions for a wide variety of games.  We not only produce scorecards and boards for many of your favorite classic games we also make a full line of accessories for the most popular modern games as well.  Here you’ll find instructions for many of these and as we have more time we hope to add ones for games you didn’t know existed!  Always keep in mind for many of these games there are lots of different interpretations and variations that can be challenging to compile and no one way to play is correct - If you have slightly different or house rules that is great as we encourage people to experience any way they can find to play... 

Looking for a specific game and don't see it here?  Let us know and we will research it and try to find the best instructions we can.

Michigan Rummy
Frustration Rummy
Gin Rummy
Liverpool Rummy
Shanghai Rummy
Phase 10