Featured Trend - Games are Booming


Most people see board games as an activity for children and the elderly. Recently, these viewpoints have changed. Between new technology, stay-at-home orders, and the sudden need for entertainment and new hobbies, board games have risen to the top of the pile. They offer hours of repeatable entertainment and are at a decent price point for the hours of use one can get out of them.

As we all know, one of the largest reasons for sudden board game resurgence is Covid-19. We all know that being stuck at home with family can be challenging. Board games allow an escape, a time passing activity, or a way to argue with your family. Mega-corporations and local board game stores alike have seen some uptick in board game sales. Many people who have looked for a new hobby found collecting/playing games to be fulfilling. Others have decided on a virtual alternative, like Settlers of Catan’s digital counterpart, to foster social interaction. Many have even set up virtual DnD sessions. Regardless of the exact reasoning, board games are back and with a vengeance.

Another important aspect of the rise in gaming is the updated game creation technology. Customers have been begging for games to play, and everyone is delivering. Creation has never been easier with access to technology like 3D printers, design software, and endless imagination. The average hobbyist has been trying to create new games that tailor to what they want to see. Worst case scenario, they have fun making it. Best-case, they have a new hit game. On top of the ease of access, we have more highly skilled creators than ever before. Creators today have been creating digital/virtual/3D printable objects since as early as their teens. Older adults have become accustomed to technology and are dabbling in content creation themselves adding even more content.

This aspect leads to my final point. There is more variety in board games than ever. In the past, games have been children’s games like Candy Land or Apples to Apples. Occasionally an older game like chess, mancala, cribbage, or similar games caught the family’s attention. Card games have endless forms, but eventually, everyone wants something new. The ease of technology has allowed hobbyists to post on sites like Kickstarter and foster new games daily. With tens of thousands of games to discover, families have been more enthusiastic than ever to play a game. Every member of a family can find something to enjoy. Whether by age, genre, or game type, there is an endless variety to explore.