Game Grids - Cascadia

The Riverside Woodshop


Our Game Grids are perfect for any Cascadia fan out there!!

Each grids holds 8 game tiles nicely together while building your individual Cascadia map and they interlock in any direction with the next grid panel so no matter how you play you will never run out of room to place the next tile. In addition to allowing the pieces to stay perfectly together it is also easy to slide the entire map in different directions to let you see it from a different view point - I know it sometime helps me when configuring my animal patterns :)

The grids dimensions are approximately 5.25" in a hexagon shape. Each tile space is designed to hold the standard Hexagon Tiles provided with the game. Each set comes with 4 Primary Grids (2 White and 2 Blue one for each player with their starter tile) and 20 General Grids (10 Blue and 10 White). This allows for each player to have a Primary and 5 General Grids per game. This accounts for 39 tiles spaces per player (only needing 20) which is usually ample space for most sessions. We also provide a storage box with lid (lid does not attach - just sits in the base) for easy and neat storage between games.

We print each panel from premium Blue and our Frosted White PLA's to not only be durable but compliment your game perfectly by default. If you need another color - please ask, while our standard is a combination of Blue and Frosted White, we do have many other filaments in stock we can use to print these.

Please know when first getting your grid sets they can be tight to snap together -- this is intentional so ass they wear and are used they will retain a snug fit for years of use...