Wingspan Game Box Inserts

The Riverside Woodshop


This 3D printed insert is designed for the Tabletop Board game Wingspan and its expansions, by Stonemaier Games. This set is designed to fit perfectly in the factory box and neatly hold all components of the game and most expansions as well. Some Upgrades or Accessories that we offer for Wingspan can also be added, but may not fit in the original box when using these inserts. For example if you use our player dashboards, they will fit in the box with the inserts but the Bird Tower will then need to be kept separate (if adding 3D Bird Tower it would need to be separate anyway). Please note: Sleeved cards do not work with this design either!

This set does not include a copy of the game itself. It is only for the organizational trays, printed player bird houses and resources / foods to use with your copy of Wingspan!!

Our inserts will not only look nice and keep your pieces in order, but they help speed up your setup and teardown times when it is time to play. The trays can be placed directly on you gaming table to allow for easy access to most cards and food tokens and then simply stack them back into the box when play is complete.

We print all of our inserts using only the best PLA right here in our shop! Our standard color for this game is Black (as seen in pictures). If you would like the inserts in a different color please message us and we can see what PLA's we have in stock and work with you to create your perfect inserts.

If you like this game and having your collection perfectly organized, please check our other products for a variety of game accessories and organizers!

Game Box Inserts include - 13 printed inserts to hold each of the games components, 21 of each Food Resource (105 total), 5 colored trays with 8 matching player bird houses (40 player bird houses in total).