Why Are Barn Quilts So Expensive?

Why Are Barn Quilts So Expensive?

     A traditional barn quilt is approximately 8’ X 8’ and is designed to hang on a barn.  However, today’s barn quilt has become a piece of art to hang in your house.  If your have ever Googled “barn quilts” you can find them priced anywhere from about $40.00 up to $500.00 plus.  So, what determines the price?

     Obviously, the first factor in determining price is the materials used to complete the project.  Was the quilt made from reclaimed wood, pallet wood, fence panels, pine, birch plywood, or some other soft wood? Or was a variety of hardwoods and/or exotics used?  The next factor is size.  Last, and maybe the most important factor, is the design work and how the quilt is assembled.

     The first step in creating a beautiful piece of art that can be displayed for years is coming up with the design.  Then, as the artist, one must decide on color scheme.  Do you want the wood stained, painted, or left natural? Once these decisions are made the real work begins.  Making a barn quilt requires hours of work and lots of patience.  Each piece of wood needs to be sanded, finished and often cut several times to develop the design.  For example, an octagon shaped piece would require 8 cuts and all at precise angles.  Any mistake makes the piece unusable.  Like a puzzle all the pieces need to form a prefect fit.

     We at The Riverside Woodshop thought you might enjoy following the process in creating one of our latest pieces.  The pictures below take you from the early stages of construction through to the finished product.



     Today’s barn quilts are a piece of art. As with any art, not every design will appeal to everyone.  However, at The Riverside Woodshop we pride ourselves on being able to create pieces that can fit your color scheme, design pattern, size and budget.  We will work personally with you to create that special piece of art.

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