The History of Chess

The History of Chess

The earliest known inspiration for chess originated in India. It was dated to have emerged before the 6th century. It quickly spread to Persia then through Europe. There were many eras, including the Romantic, Hypermodern, Scientific, and New Dynamism eras. The first recorded game was in a 10th-century manuscript. Chess quickly became popular, and the first World Chess Championship ran in 1886. In the 20th century, we saw many accomplishments. The World Chess Federation was created in this century, and in 1997 the first computer beat a chess champion.

From day one, the rules of chess changed. The game board at one time was 100 squares big. Hundreds of years later, it involved the board we know today. In the early 1300s, some of the rules we recognize today are finally emerging. This era is when pawns were allowed to move two spaces on their first move. However, it took 300 more years to become the standard. The rules changed rapidly until roughly the late 19th century. Before then, pieces were added and removed, pieces were given new directional rules, and there was a lack of some of the most recognizable moves of today, for example, castling.

The style of the game was always an important component. Pieces originally started as carved animals and evolved to what we know today. It was not uncommon to have pieces carved of rare minerals and studded with semi-precious and precious gems. The standards for pieces were patented in 1849 by Nathanial Cook. Today only sets based on the endorsed versions of this design can be used in international competitions. With that being said, games today can be customized to the player's preferences. Simple, ornate, basic, themed, original, new, even custom made like on our site, and many other styles exist today.

This game has lasted for hundreds of years, and I'm sure it will last for hundreds more. A recent resurgence has been found due to the release of Netflix’s show The Queens Gambit. Strategy books, boards, and related items have been flying off the shelves. This is a game that ebbs and flows but never falls from grace.


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