Game Nights: Age vs Game Selection...

Game Nights: Age vs Game Selection...

Children these days are addicted to technology. Cute cartoons, bright and colorful phone games and even developmental toys could have technological components. At a time in which we are stuck at home, they can be a lifesaver. However, occasionally it’s nice to unwind with a board game. Sadly, a lot of children are not adept with games or may get bored. That’s why I came up with this shortlist of games. These will help you play from toddler to teen and engage your child.


These are going to be games that are easy to explain verbally and eye-catching. This category includes classic games like Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Uno, and checkers. This age is where you can also play interactive games like the Elefun elephant, where you chase butterflies through the air, or a fishing game where you use a magnetic rod to hook fish from aboard. These help kids learn colors, listen to instructions, develop hand-eye coordination, and learn the fun of physical games.

Young School-Aged:

Young children will enjoy games like dominoes, Mouse Trap, Life, and even Monopoly or Chess. These games will be focusing on basic strategy, more complex instruction following, language development, and early math skills. For example, at the start of playing dominoes, a kid may only play based on matching the colors. As they get older, they will begin actively counting and matching based on the number of dots. Games like Guess Who help with deduction skills. Monopoly and Life can help with early addition and subtraction. And games like chess can help kids learn to plan and thinking ahead with their actions.

Middle School:

At this point, you can start getting into more complicated board games. Things like cribbage, Phase 10, and Scrabble. Kids now have math and reading abilities. They can play most games and can understand a lot of instructions. You can also play more abstract games that younger kids may not be able to understand.


This age is one of the most exciting times for board games. Teenagers are ready for almost any game you can throw at them. Games like Catan, Stone Age, Chess, cribbage, and even story-based games like D&D are now available to play. Teenagers can strategize, plan, read, write, do arithmetic, and compete with adults. This time is when the real competition arrives, and every game is a desperate battle to win. Whether a game of chance like cards or a strategy game like Catan; it will be fun for the whole family.

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