Catan: Family Game Nights

Catan: Family Game Nights

Looking for a new game to play??? Catan (formerly known as Settlers of Catan) is a board game that allows you to expand and grow your reign. First published in Germany in 1995 the game has sold more than eighteen million copies worldwide. It was released in the United States in 1996. The creators of this game are dedicated and have put much thought and care into the entire franchise. They have created characters to help you on their web page, have an up to date news section, and regularly promote events and tournaments that are related to Catan. The game itself has won multiple awards including multiple “Game of the Year” and “Hall of Fame” awards. Catan includes a base game for 3-4 players and an expansion version for 5-6 players. In addition, there are four more main expansions that add new mechanics. You will never get tired of playing Catan because of its many variations, card versions, portable versions, spin offs, digital copies, and a modified children’s version.

Catan’s gameplay seems simple at first glance. You roll dice and can collect resources if you have a settlement adjacent to the number rolled. Next, you trade for resources you need with the other players. Lastly, you can build roads, settlements, or cities to expand your reign over the board. When a seven is rolled players must discard resources (if they are over the limit) and the player who rolled the seven gets to pick a separate player to rob.

Playing Catan requires player interaction and strategy. Do you play nice or ruthlessly? Do you build roads to have the longest? Do you buy development cards in hopes to get the most knights? Do you build all your settlements then upgrade to cities? Do you upgrade your initial settlements before building more? Do you block off your opponent’s roads so you can take control of the board? Do you implement house rules like a penalty for the longest turn or no robbing for the first few hands? There are endless possibilities in the base game alone and add in an expansion or two and you can easily have hundreds of hours of fun. Whether you are new to the game or have played it for years – let me tell you no two games are every the same.

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