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3D Miniatures and Terrain are not just for Gamers!!  
Jeff Miotke - Aquascaper

I have been an avid aquarist for over 40 years keeping many varieties of fresh and saltwater fish. In 2011 I discovered Nature Aquarium by Takashi Amano and it changed my world. I studied, practiced and started creating nature aquariums which led me to the competitive scene. I have the honor of being ranked among the top aquascapers year after year.

To share my insights and experience I have been publishing articles in the Aquatic Gardners Association (AGA)magazine, speaking at aquarium clubs, competing both online and at live contests, judging contests and making friends around the world. I am enjoying traveling and look forward to even more sharing of the wonderful world of aquascaping.

Most of us look at all these amazing graphics and models for our 3D Printers and immediately immagine how we could use them in our next D&D Campaign. In reality though, model railroaders have for decades made elaborate landscapes using models made from every material known, kids have made amazing dioramas' and erupting volcanoes for school and fun, photographers and film enthusiasts have made everything from basic props to highly detailed scenes to aid in their craft and the list goes on and on. While many who own 3D printers (myself included) get tunnel vision and only see these amazing terrains as pieces to our next game, for those who think outside the box the possibilities are endless with a 3D printer and some creativity!

On this note, we want to share the amazing vision of a recent customer of ours, Jeff Miotke.

A few months back we, The Riverside Woodshop, had received an order for 6 of our popular "City of Firwood" (designed by STLMiniatures) pieces via our ETSY shop. While this order was not uncommon it did catch my attention as typically many customer like to buy these one building at a time and slowly work on painting and growing their collection as they develop the game they are planning to use it in. It was also interesting that the buyer had chosen to have them all printed @ 15mm scale rather than the more often requested 28mm, but we were excited to get these printing and out to the customer.

Without any more thought, we printed The Mansion, The Observatory, The Wizards Tower, The Weapons Shop, The Alchemists House and The Small Village House and shipped them out to Jeff. About two weeks later we received a nice message with several pictures of the painting he had done at that point. We were blown away at his painting skills (his first time painting terrain to boot) and quickly shared his pictures on our Facebook Business Page, but again we really didn't stop to imagine what he might be doing with the set. Thinking for sure it was just another gaming quest that would look super cool we went back to business as usual...

Fast forward to this morning and my phone dings like 6 times in a matter of 15 minutes waking me up - way to early I might add. I grab the phone to see what is going on and it is a string of five star reviews on our ETSY shop. Well, now that I am awake anyway, I log on to read the reviews and see they are all from Jeff. For each of the buildings he had ordered a couple months back and then get a message from him sharing the final pictures of his creation!! To use his words from IG: "Check out my new aquarium! Just finished this unique setup that combines the beauty of a freshwater aquarium with the lush greenery of a terrarium. But what really sets this aquascape apart are the 3D printed buildings that are incorporated into the design. These miniature structures add a touch of whimsy and bring the whole setup to life. And the blue roofs? They add a pop of color and really make the buildings stand out."

Not in a million years would I have dreamt of combining the City of Firwood into a terrarium environment - Pure Genius! Just goes to show how something you see everyday and have one use in mind can become something extraordinary with just the right creativity...

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